A documentary about The golden age of Union Carbide Productions directed by Hans-Erik Therus and produced by Hjalmar Palmgren at DOCSTER


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About the film

A film about the legendary Gothenburg band UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS that was reunited in the summer of 2018 ”the Eighties were a dynamic time in Gothenburg. Underground clubs Everywhere. The music scene was bubbling and there was tremendous power. I have thought a lot about this time in large and Small. Gothenburg was a distinctive …

Financiers and backers

To finance a documentary of this kind is complicated and takes huge amount of time. So far we are financed by the following organizations. However the by far biggest financier is us, the producer and the director! In the spring of 2020 we will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Please help spread the word about our project.

DOCSTER is the proud production company behind THE GOLDEN AGE and some other documentaries

SVT is the Swedish public service broadcaster. We are proud to have SVT as co-producers

On behalf of the City of Gothenburg, Lindholmen Film & television works to support development and innovation in gaming, films, television and motion pictures. We do this in close collaboration with production companies

Film i Väst is a regional film fund in the southwest of part of Sweden.

Film Office is part of the City of Gothenburg film and motion picture initiative. Not only is Gothenburg a beautiful city on the westcoast but above all it is the home of UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS

Region Halland is located south of Gothenburg and is where Ebbot Lundberg lives. Since we have been filming a lot there the region was willing to support our project

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